Dj Sagar Kadam(Sk)and music are inexplicably entwined in an explosion of dance-till-you-drop beats and rhythm that can keep one going forever. Ask him about his passion and he replies instantly that his music comes from his soul and being a DJ is far more than a mere profession. Calling it an addiction that he never wants to quit, DJ Sagar knew at the young age of 16 that music would be the very core of his professional life. Starting off as a djing student @party map Academy’, he trained more than a 100 people and performed more than 15 stage shows to wide acclaim in Mumbai. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and desire to excel took him to the Chocolate Bar, Madness & Pulse pub where he honed his djing skills with DJ Akhil and explored the wide range of national music. After a 2.5 year stint, he further expanded his horizons by moving to the Indian Djs Club, playing for the prestigious Fullers in India for a year. Equipped with this tremendous variety of experiences, DJ Sagar takes the Bollywood and EDM he enjoys to completely new heart thumping levels, leaving his listeners in a world of their own. Back in Mumbai, in a short period of time DJ Sagar has made a name for himself, with over a 500 private gigs and is building a reputation for his killer remixes. He is also a member of the biggest DJ Academy in Mumbai, Science of Sound.